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This site is basically split into two sections. There are the reviews of the merchant service providers that small and medium-sized businesses use in their daily operations, and this section – our Knowledge Base, which consists of timely articles on everything related to the industry. Things are always changing so our goal is to present all of that information in one place so you don’t have to hunt for it.

Accounting, Invoicing and Bookkeeping

You need to keep the books. Nobody likes this part of running a businesses, but there are tools to make your life easier. This section covers everything related to that.

Alternative Currencies

The world is moving digital and it’s upending traditional payment methods. Keep up to date on news related to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative currencies.


If your business deals with reservations and scheduling, you know what a pain this can be. Keep up to date on changes in booking industry.

Business Credit

Often overlooked – especially by small businesses, is the topic of business credit. Everyone knows their FICO score but did you know that your businesses has credit too? It’s a complex subject, but we simplify it.

Business Loans

Cash flow issues are always a topic of concern with some businesses. There are options when it comes to business loans, but it’s easy to make the wrong decision if you’re not armed with all of the information you need.


CRM = Customer Relationship Management software. This is where you keep track of your customers. If done well, it can provide a deep well to draw upon for revenue. If not, you’re leaving money on the table.


If you’re familiar with Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you have a rough idea how crowdfunding works. Well thanks to Title III of the JOBS ACT of 2012 you can now crowdfund your business by auctioning off pieces of equity. Not for the feint of heart, but a fascinating new approach to raising capital.


If you sell online, you need to keep up on the latest info regarding Google and payment cart processing.

Email Marketing

Year after year, this is the #1 untapped source of revenue for most businesses. They’ve already shown enough interest to give you their email, time to maximize what you do with it.

Inventory Management

Most businesses need some sort of inventory control, and depending on budget the available solutions for inventory management can range from simple and cheap to incredibly complex and expensive.

Loyalty Rewards

It used to be only major corporations that could afford loyalty programs, but now there are numerous apps and point-of-sale solutions that simplify loyalty rewards programs.

Merchant Cash Advance

Beware of scams! There are legitimate ways to raise emergency funds for your business, we’ll show you what to look for in Merchant Cash Advances.

Mobile Payments

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in mobile payments over the last couple of years, and there are no signs of this letting up. Equip your business with the tools and knowledge to take advantage of this new paradigm.

Payment Gateways

If you are accepting payments online, you’re going to need a way for your shopping cart software to communicate with your payment processor, that’s where payment gateways come in to play.

Payment Processing

Every business needs to process payments and there are more types of transactions than people realize. There is also probably a cheaper and better way for you to process those transactions.

PCI Compliance

If you’re processing your own payments online, this is crucial. If you’re utilizing a 3rd Party service to handle those transactions, you at least want to have a good grasp of what PCI Compliance entails.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

A relatively new way to raise money for your business, peer-to-peer lending has really started to take off.

Point of Sale (POS)

Every B2C company has to deal with Point of Sale solutions, and the right solution can make all the difference in the world.

Project Management

If you have a team of people working on a project, using a solid project management tool can make your lives so much easier. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.


All things logistics – if your product is physical, you’ve got to get it from your door to the customer.

Web Development

Every business needs a website, and a good one will have a dramatic effect on your bottom line. Is a free website all you need, or do you have unique needs that will require customer development?

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